Welcome to Kanber’s Land

Engineering, Innovation and Art defines my ikigai. That means, I find joy and motivation in these diciplines.
My aim is not to act like a pro in anything and I created this platform to provide you some information and resources about the three.
I also hope that young minds find inspiration and encouragement here.
Feel free to contact me if you have anything to add.

My Ikigai


Was born in 80’s in Anatolia-Turkey and grew up watching robotic cartoons. I was around 10 and my uncle who is an academic on power systems told me “Boy, without appropriate education, your designs are worthless”. That was my motivation to get my degree in Electrical & Electronics Engineering in one of the top universities in Turkey.

There I began working during my university education for the industry in METU Technopark, applied for technical contests and various seminars related to my area. After the graduation, I worked for a Solar Thermal Power Plant R&D and Manufacturing company which was a pioneer in its sector, then started my own business, customers were served with unique technical products but I failed there. Then I returned back to my hometown and restarted my career in the electricity distribution business.

After many successfully finished national & international projects, unique and patented products, now I work as an R&D and technical quality manager in the largest electricity distribution group. Here we are taking power quality actions and as a great team, we managed to conduct/finish 21 different R&D projects.

Innovation is in the focus of my life. I am a certified Drone pilot and a licensed Ham-Radio operator. I usually deal with art, gastronomy and outdoor activities when I get home from work. I also like to deal with photography and videography.

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