My Story

“In reading the lives of great men, I found that the first victory they won was over themselves… self-discipline with all of them came first.” Harry Truman

I was born in 80’s in Anatolia-Turkey and I think the seeds of my limitless love for Electronics was planted by means of robotic cartoons. Being so young, experimenting and and showing the results to my relatives, one of them (my uncle, academics on power systems in the university) said “Boy, without apropriate education, don’t come to me”. That was my motivation to get my degree on Electrical & Electronics Engineering in Middle East Technical University (METU) 

There I began working for the industry in METU Technopark (kind of a silicon valley). During this period I gathered a talented team and applied for a “business ideas” contest named YFYİ 2008,  we went through the finals.

After the graduation, I worked for a Solar Thermal Power Plant manufacturer company, then started my own business, failed and restarted my career  in electricity distribution sector.

By all of these years, my passion was innovation, now I help people achieve the better.

My ikigai

We have to find out our ikigai to achieve ultimate satisfaction in life !


Currently working in Electricity Distribution Sector

I work as the R&D manager in Mediterranean Electricity Distribution Company in antalya, we are dealing with 2 main tasks;

  1. Power quality: We are responsible for the quality of energy delivered to the customer. By means of our network of power quality analysers, related parameters are analysed and logged continuously and necessary measures are taken.
  2. R&D Project management: We conduct projects to improve effiiency of our grid, they are supported by Local and International institutes. Our responsibility covers all the tasks from idea selection to project finalisation.

Click here for the info page on power systems & power quality.

Some examples of our projects;

* Integrated feeder automation system
* Smart metering pilot
* Optimisation of line losses by means of using MV Automatic Voltage regulators
* Smart Grid Roadmap for Turkey 2020
* MIDAS – Multi-Input Integrated Distribution Automation System
* Electronic Smart Seal
* LV Energy Quality Optimizer System
* Optimization of heat lossess by using thermal-paint
* Fault locating by analysing short circuit currents
* Ultrasonic Bird Repeller System
* Reference company model for DSO’s
* Lightning strike analysis and developing effective measurements
* Narrow Band Internet of Things in Electricity distribution sector pilot
* Static Switching MV Voltage Regulator design and prototype
* Mobile feedback system
* Analysis of Petersen Coils in transmission and distribution systems
* Clock synchronisation and one way control by using AM waves
* Optimisation of grounding systems
* Developing 3 phase Internal Fault Detector (IFD) system
* Automatic Fault detector by using DSP

I feel lucky to have been involved in lots of “first”s

Through my career, I succeeded to add many “first of its kind” projects in my bag;

  • 2008 – One of the 3 best business ideas in YFYİ (METU) competition
  • 2009 – Best graduation project of the term, fastest labyrinth solver robot.
  • 2009 – Turkey’s first monorail train with electric traction (METU A1)
  • 2009 – Turkey’s first electric powered helicopter tow cart
  • 2010 – Turkey’s first and biggest solar thermal (parabolic through) power plants
  • 2012 – Turkey’s first Lasertag Wargame Simulation System
  • 2013 – World’s first Gunned Race (Deathrace) Gaming System
  • 2013 – Worlds first gunned pool game (dropdown)
  • 2015 – Turkey’s first and biggest Smart Metering Pilot Project
  • 2016 – World’s first Electronic Smart Seal System Project for utility meters
  • 2017 – World’s first NBIoT for Electricity Distribution Systems Pilot
  • 2018- Turkey’s first am clock sychronisation system for utilities.
  • 2018- Turkey’s first DSP based fault locator system

Click here for my CV.

Connecting Innovations for the better, faster and cheaper !

Since speed, quality and availability are increasing (and must be increased) everywhere exponentially, state of the art must be tracked and innovative actions must be taken continuously.

Let’s achieve solutions for  the questions below;

  • Do you need innovation ?
  • Is the speed, quality and cost of your products and processess effective enough ?
  • Is your business, technology or vision below or obove the state of the art ?
  • How do you innovate your processess and products ?
  • Hundreds of components and systems are being released each day, which ones help you to leverage your business ?
  • Thousands of experts and freelancers exist in the network, would you like to get their innovation ideas about your business ?
  • Can you harvest innovative ideas from your employees ?

This is my youtube channel

I post videos mostly on innovation. Click here for the related page.. Click the image below to go to the youtube channel directly..

I am a certified drone pilot

In addition to my previous experiences on drones, with my Class 0 (IHA0) certificate I have over 236 flight hours with our Phantom 4 Pro + custom equipments, we are using them for field operations.

What else I do in life ?

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