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In reading the lives of great men, I found that the first victory they won was over themselves.” Harry Truman (click)

My Passion:

From my childhood, my passion through technology guides me in my life. Actually, the word “technology” failed to define my passion, I was young and could not define what it really was.. And, later on as I grew up I found the exact and better definition for it: innovation.

My Summary :

*Born: In the 80’s in Konya /Türkiye.

*Primary Education: In Çanakkale, Konya, Antalya, Afyon / Türkiye.

*Professional Education: Bachelors degree on Electrical & Electronics Engineering at METU (Middle East Technical University) (click).


1) Part Time R&D Engineer @ Teknolus AŞ.

2) Part Time R&D – Coordinator Engineer @Tekray AŞ.

3) R&D Engineer @ Solitem GmBh.

4) Owner @Pantera Systems Ltd.

5) Senior R&D Engineer & Project Coordinator @ Akdeniz Edaş.

*International Cooperations & Visits:

1) Germany: Power electronics design, Powertrains and Busbars.

2) Natherlands: CBA on projects about energy sector, project management.

3) China: Manufacturing & prototyping.

4) Korea: Battery systems.

5) USA: Electric distribution systems.

6) Denmark: Smart Metering.

*Principles about business: 

1) Be honest and passionate.

2) There must be a balance between business and family.

3) Time is the most valuable asset, get out from your comfort zone.

4) Money is made together with people from other people, communication and teamwork are the foundations for success.

5) Its all about developing profitable (higher quality, faster and cheaper) services and products.

6) Every action has a cost and a benefit, do it if b/c is higher than others.

6) Minimalism is the key for perfectness.

*Principles about life: 

1) Death is the most certain thing in life, spend each day as if it’s your last.

2) Always have new experiences, learn, grow.

3) Care about yourself, about family, about nature.

CV :

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Comments :

Everybody can benefit from others.

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