Kanber, The Engineer

1) Cooperative Operations & Networking:

Info will be here shortly..

2) R&D Based Project Management:

Every action with an objective, a start, an end, cost and benefit can be defined as a project. Project management on the other hand, is the application of processes, methods, knowledge, skills and experience to achieve the project objectives.

When it comes to R&D based project management, things get different..

Contact me if you need more info on R&D based project management.

3) Innovation Management:

Since speed, quality and availability are increasing (and must be increased) everywhere exponentially, state of the art must be tracked and innovative actions must be taken continuously.

Do you know what exactly the innovation is ? Is it just a start up thing ? Are you ready to do it ? Can you manage it ?

Contact me if you need more info on innovation and R&D.

4) Electronics and machine design:

Just before the Electricity distribution sector, I had a wide scope of experiences on electronics and machine design with the diciplines of design-programming and manufacturing of electronic control circuits, electrical infrastructures, cabling, cooling, mehanical design, integration, testing and troubleshooting and manufacturing.

Contact me if you need more info on electronics and machine design.

5) Electricity Distribution Sector, Power Systems, and Power Quality:

I work as the R&D manager in Mediterranean Electricity Distribution Company in Antalya/Turkey, we are dealing with 2 main tasks;

  1. Power quality: We are responsible for the quality of energy delivered to the customer. By means of our network of power quality analysers, related parameters are analysed and logged continuously and necessary measures are taken.
  2. R&D Project management: We conduct projects to improve effiiency of our grid, they are supported by Local and International institutes. Our responsibility covers all the tasks from idea selection to project finalisation.

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