I delivered my CV with CRACKER CV delivery drone on Sunday !

On one of the previous weekends, I woke up early and looked out of the window.. It was a great sunday morning and I could hear the outdoors was calling me out.. I escaped from the house, started jogging and taking deep breaths..

Then my mobile rings, the caller was the secretary on a company the I applied for a job.. I stopped, sit down on a bench and answered the phone..

Yes this is Salih Kanber.. Electrical & Electronics Engineer.. Yes.. Innovative..

And she asked me to bring my hand signed printout of my CV to their head office until the evening ! What !? On sunday !? CV printout delivery !?

Oh god!!

But, fortunately I have the CRACKER !! My ultimate CV delivery drone !!!

Watch the movie and figure out how I released the CRACKER!

Release the cracker! Cracker is the cv delivery drone

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