Kanber, The Inventor

The Cracker CV Delivery Drone:

the CRACKER !! The ultimate CV delivery drone !!!

Click here to go to the CRACKER page..

The Deathrace:

Gunned racing system with an interactive arena.

Sound Dog:

sound dog system

Sound analyser device capable of detecting faults in devices.

The Slider M:

The best slider you need !

The Shake2Go:

More info coming soon..

The Handsome Zapper:

Are you really bored of flies around your desk? Here I present the handsome zapper to you!

The Appreciator:

An innovative device that creates appreciation on people about the gifts they take, the life they have.

Action Hopper:

An innovative system that allows the video creator to chance angles so quickly without halting his/her action.

Wheel of pay:

Who’s gonna pay… Ghostbusters!


One man chess play machine.

Smart Trigger:

Multi-purpose electronic tool.. For better jokes, better protection, better hunting.

Pulse-rhythmic enhancer:

There is a connection between pulses and pleasure, this device lets you double and triple your joy…

More about them coming soon..