Kanber’s Art

Why the name "Kanber's Art" ?

My international friends finds it easy to call me Kanber and its apropriate to title my art as "Kanber's Art".

Am I just an engineer who only does his technical job ?

I've been creating drawings, drafts and designs since my earliest times. Now, I paint on canvas and build decorations, sculptures and accesories. I've heard some people says that Iam just an engineer and I must do my job and nothing else ! Well.. I feel sad about them, I don't want to wait (and I wont) till I get old, I feel great to do art right now !

In addition to that, engineering dicipline may become so stressful, giving a break and dealing with art really relieves that stress.

(Above image: My robot drawing when I was 10 years old, inspired from the cain character, robocop 2, 1990)

Iam a Concept Artist

Being inspired from technology, modernism, minimalism and video games, I am working to create original and innovative artpieces. Currently creating paintings using acrylics on canvas.

My artpieces are for video game nerds and for those who are feeling sick of standard living.