You’ll never think of “range anxiety”ever again !

Short introduction:

(This is the revised version of VIPCharge system)

Cars with internal combustion engines (Lets call them CWICE) has the advantage that you can charge its power reserve (put fuel inside the tank) in very shor time. After that you are good to go.

For EV’s however, charging takes more time.  When you take your seat in the EV, there will be a feeling that is called “range anxiety”. For EV manufacturers and their customers, this is one of the most important issues.


Right before your travel, especially if your destination is somewhere else rather than your house or office, these questions will come to your mind:

*Will the battery supply me enough range ?

*When and where can I charge my car on the way ? Will it be occupied or available ?

*Is there a charge station near my destination point ? At the time of my arrival, will it be occupied or available ?

*What if I cant charge my car ?

Watch this EV owners video:

Our solution: MEBBS & methodology

With this newest technology and methodology, EV customers will always find a charge service, no matter what, they will newer feel the “charge anxiety” again. This is a must-have VIP service that every customer-satisfaction-first EV companies should give.


Details will be shared shortly.

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