My Personal Lab

This is my personal electronics lab. I do my researches, build some prototypes and such at home.

Quality, order and dicipline, I salute you..

My inventions

Over the years, I developed my critical thinking skills and diciplined my creativity. This habit brings some ideas to life and these ideas can be characterised as “inventions”. Each of them has different values to a different range of target customers. Feel free to ask for more informations and please give me feedback whenever possible, click for my contact details.

Most of the inventions below will be served under our brand THURBOLT- Innovation in sports, entertainment, adventure. Click here to go to the THURBOLT page..


  1. Dynamic presentation system:

  2. Multitray for 3D printers:

  3. Chess41:

  4. Verticycle:

  5. Cash fountain:

  6. Milknsweet production system:

  7. DDumbbell:

  8. Slimex excercise systems:

  9. Crowd-sync system:

  10. Combattery for e-cars:

  11. Creative charge stations:

  12. Divercom system:

  13. E-Trap system:

  14. Birdygo robot:

  15. Pulse-rythmic enhancer:

  16. Dronobot: