Everybody has a youtube channel, so why dont I have ?

Then here it is

Click here or the visual below and go take a look, don’t forget to subscribe and like and talk about it.

Here are some sample videos;

Getting used to good paddles is a curse :p I always remember the Forest Gump movie while playing pp..

Life is a short game, get up stand up dont give up the fight! 🙂 Observe my white oscar carefully.

We tested the THURBOLT air rifle holder, shoot from 65 meters without scope, amazing explosion on the soda can! I own and used here a Hatsan Turcan break barrel air rifle, it has the true power!

I taped my last trip in my VW, Golf 7. I am not sure why but I really love this car ! I now present you my video as a new clip for Timmy Trumpet & Dimatik – Punjabi! Unfortunately,