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Engineering, Innovation, and Art define my ikigai. I find joy and motivation in these disciplines.
My aim is not to act like a pro in anything and I created this platform to provide you with some information and resources about the three. I also hope that young minds find inspiration and encouragement here. We live our lives together, we do business with people, so networking and connections are of high importance!
Feel free to contact me and join my network! Let's find happiness and joy whenever possible!

My Ikigai


Had been grown up watching robotic cartoons, I was around 10 and my academic uncle told me “Boy, without education, your designs are worthless”. I got my degree in Electrical & Electronics Engineering and I jumped into the industry during university times.  Keeping innovation in the focus, I worked in Engineering and Managerial positions for Solar Thermal Power Plants, embedded systems & machine design and power systems business.
I am a certified Drone pilot, licensed Ham-Radio operator and an amateur sailor, vira vira!.  I am spending my spare time with my family, dealing with art and design and I do like outdoors.

Innovation Based Management

Innovation, as a management competency, is difficult to define. In a business sense, the term “innovation” usually refers to the translation of an idea into a commercially viable product—perpetuating the idea that only the likes of Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, and other visionaries can attain the rank of Innovator. On the other hand, the dictionary definition (“to do something in a new way”) is far too broad to be useful—after all, many a “creative” idea has failed to produce real value.

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