Boredlamps is dead.. But not it’s soul

Some time ago, I was really BORED of traditional living (I still am).. I had a trip to Vienna, I fall in love with the art city. I saw a lamp store, full of interesting lamps. One was very different, a monkey holding a simple lamp. I looked at it for 5-10 minutes without a break.. Thinking..

That was it ! The lamp monkey gave me the inspiration.. I need to focus my artwork on lamps and create interesting and non-traditional lamps ! At that moment, I took out my phone, concealed myself in a park and shoot the video.

To work on lamps professionally, a brand was needed. That’s how Bored Lamps was born with a motto: “Even the lamps themselves got bored, they decided to change!..”

It was all good, website, instagram account and ETSY shop was created. Photographs were taken, posts were prepared and released..

But, business life were so busy for me (still is) and I had to decide where to focus. I had to make a choice between Boredlamps and Innobrothers (innovation & engineering brand) and I choosed Innobrothers.

I killed Boredlamps, deleted the accounts and the website. But neither it’s soul nor my desire for art & design died. I will continue designing and building lamps and other artpieces as a pro-hobby.

And I will preserve the Boredlamps soul forever:

  • We are bored of traditional living ! Our brand represents the thoughts and desires of non-traditionality !
  • We started the change first from lamps !
  • Be free minded, life is short !
  • Stop war, play the game, turn on the lamp !

Military Box Lamps

The Story:

How to meet people with same non-traditional thoughts and desires ?

Starting from my childhood I always dreamed of living an interesting life. I always hated the standard and traditional living. I work a lot on innovation and engineering, and after work I deal with some kinds of art. Years went by fast and I reached my middle 30’s, married. One day, I shockingly realised that I was living in a very traditional way, at that moment I hated myself.

I was thinking, I needed to do something to change it. I needed to meet people who shares same thoughts and desires and to do that, I could create some mediums (products) to serve them. But how ? I beated my brains on this for a long long time.

I love the videogames and the environments in the gameplays. There is one videogame that is my best: WOLFENSTEIN. The inspiration for the Military Box Lamps came during a “Wolfenstein Great Order” gameplay, I thought why not to have these kinds of environments in real life ? Thats it! I was gonna bring wolfenstein inspired lamps into real life ! I would create military box lids first and then turn them into lamps.

And let me tell you something.. Military Box Lamps are just a sweet start !