(3D Printing) Bottom part of the illuminator cap for mini fish tank

I was thinking to design an illuminator cap for my mini fish tanks, I am feeding 2 beta fishes in them. Last night I printed out this little guy, just to fit on the top and it will hold the electronics and the battery.

I remember a phrase from Castor Troy (Nicholas Cage) from the movie “face off”:

Little Brother asked: “The casing didn’t fit, right ? Yeah, I told you goddam Dietrich would try to pawn off some cheap-shit North Korean plastic..”

Castor Troy: Casing fit like a condom..

(I hate bad guys by the way..)



(3D Printing) A simple multi-purpose stand

I use kobo as an ebook reader, with its static ink screen long readings does not do any harm on the eyes. Especially for the tasks like vocabulary check, I needed a stand for it. Searched for the market, there were some products but I went with “why not 3d print it?”.

I came up with some designs, I wanted it to be simple, multi-purpose and easy to carry. And here it is. 2 pieces, non-slip red dots on the bottom, can be used with any pen.