(Gastronomy) I always try to stick to the good breakfast rule..

Some says that breakfast is the most important meal in a day. I believe so and try to stick to that rule. And the mapple leaf syrup, ya its the best!  (Please notice my other favorite kitchen knife in the photos)

First rule of the fight club is..


(Gastronomy) Mangal is our local style barbeque..

Selecting, preparing and cooking meat is really a different dicipline. Really not easy.. But I can say that I am not bad on that.. Here I am preparing a grill, kind of a barbeque, we name it “mangal”..


(Gastronomy) Cheese filled hamburger on my plate..

Last weekend I purchased a stainless steel food moulds and today was the day.. Went to my favorite butcher and got a 350g finest meat chopped. Together with minced garlic + onion, I moulded three pieces of meat and grilled them on a hot plate. Served (myself) with deep fried potatoes.


(Gastronomy) I prepared a quick-to-go schnitzel plate!

During my lunchbreak I went home to get my passport and had my lunch with this delicious looking chicken schnitzel plate. Chickens were deep fried until it gets the golden color and apropriate crispiness. A little artistic souce touches combined with casually placed tomatoes (sorry for that). Bring it on!!