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Keeping innovation in the focus, I worked in Engineering and Managerial positions for Solar Thermal Power Plants, embedded systems & machine design and power systems business.

*Current Employment:

Dealing with 2 main disciplines explained below, I work as the R&D manager in Mediterranean Electricity Distribution Company in Antalya/Turkey

  1. Power quality: We are responsible for the quality of energy delivered to the customer. Utilising a network of power quality analysers, related parameters are analysed, logged and reported continuously and necessary measures are taken.
  2. R&D Project management: We find and evaluate innovative ideas, and conduct projects to improve effiiency of our grid, they are supported by Local and International institutes.

teknik kalite güç kalitesi mskanber

Key achievements;

Mediterranean Electricity Distribution Company (Oct 2014 – Current): *2.7M $ worth of 15 R&D projects *1.4M $ worth of 6 R&D projects finished *Turkey’s first and biggest smart metering project in cooperation with DNVGL/ Netherlands *Power quality of the grid is increased by %28 *Other divisions were served with innovative solutions. *A patented product with %100 granted project, Electricity theft was decreased by %60. *3.1M $ worth of SCADA system (covering 162 substations) integrated to the grid. *SAIDI & SAIFI performance of company is increased *Recognised for initiative and achievements, promoted to manager position.

Pantera Systems Ltd (Apr 2011 – Jun 2013): *%100 funded R%D Project by the Turkish Government. *World’s first “gunned go-kart race system”.*Acquired the skills of business management, finance, HR, customer and subcontractor relations. *Fastest & most accurate automated electronic circuit test bench for energy sector, product fault rate decreased by %30.

Solitem GmBh (May 2009 – Mar 2011): *In cooperation with German R&D team, sensorless solar position tracker algorithm and motor driver electronics redesigned & mass manufactured, overall system efficiency was increased by %17 *Recognised for initiative and rapid progress, promoted to manager & team lead position.

Teknolus AŞ (Aug 2008 – Apr 2009): *Custom motor control electronics and BMS were designed, manufactured and installed on METU 1 solar car (winner of a 2009 local solar cup).

Turkray AŞ (Apr 2007- Aug 2008): *In cooperation with Conductix-Wampfler / Germany, electrical infrastructure was and installed on Turkey’s first monorail with electric traction. *Energy efficiency was increased by %8. *Battery management electronics and cable harness were designed and installed on Turkey’s first helicopter tug system with electric traction.

Areas of interest & expertise;

  • Project Management
  • Electronics, embedded systems & machine design
  • 3D CAD & CAM
  • Math & Modelling
  • Testing & Data analysis
  • Energy systems & management
  • Ideas & Innovation
  • Crowdfunding
  • Marketting & Advertising
  • Photography & Videography

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