Kanber, The Inventor

Here in this page, I’d like to share some info about my inventions. Please feel free to contact me if you have anything to add..

1) The Cracker CV Delivery Drone:

the CRACKER !! The ultimate CV delivery drone !!!

Click here to go to the CRACKER page..

2) Sound Dog:

sound dog system

Sound analyser device capable of detecting faults in devices.

3) The Password Lamp:

Your light belongs to you!

4) Infinite Time Mechanisms:

Time matters! These mechanisms teach us the importance..

5) The Handsome Zapper:

Are you really bored of flies around your desk? Here I present the handsome zapper!

6) The Appreciator:

An innovative device that creates appreciation on people about the gifts they take, the life they have.

7) Action Hopper:

An innovative system that allows the video creator to change angles so quickly without halting his/her action.

8) Chess41:

One man chess play machine.

9) Smartrigger:

Multi-purpose electronic tool.. For better jokes, better protection, better hunting.

10) Pulse-Rhythmic Enhancer:

There is a connection between pulses and pleasure, this device lets you double and triple your joy…

11) The Deathrace:

Gunned racing system with an interactive arena.

More about them coming soon..