Where does our phrase “Release the CRACKER” originate from?

You surely remember the famous quote uttered by Zeus in the movie called ” Clash of The Titans”.. Release the KRAKEN ! These words were the divine order to unleash the gigantic sea monster, known as the Kraken, to destroy everything where its released towards!

So, in fact, the phrase “Release the Kraken” catched a meaning “to kick the ass of whomever you’re releasing the Kraken on.” It was listed in TIME Magazine’s Top 10 Buzzwords of the Year.

"release the cracker" originated from "release the kraken"

We don’t release the Kraken, We release THE CRACKER!

We don’t have a huge monster to destroy a city.. Instead, we have our CV Delivery drone to deliver hand-signed CV printouts on Sundays!

Click below and watch the video to see how we release the CRACKER!

Release the cracker! Cracker is the cv delivery drone

Click here to go to THE CRACKER page on this website!

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