Hello my friends, this is Kanber

I am an innovation enthusiast and am here to redefine INNOVATION !!! Most of the people think that it’s a fancy word that is used for business and companies only.. Well, this is so wrong! Innovation covers everything in life. It is the name of every action that creates value in every process, in other words, any action that you do to improve anything in peoples lives is called innovation. So, to stress out, everybody needs innovation and we all can do it! Innovation improves our lives, our tasks, our joy, and everything..

So to speak, Here is my plan:

–> Daily videos on News from life and Innovation, new products, magazines, youtubers and instagrammers
–> Weekly videos on Photography& Videography, Problems and solutions, Business, Innovation, Design, Fun

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Let’s do it together, let us innovate them all!

Welcome to Kanber’s Youtube Channel

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Here are some sample videos;

4K Aerial videography..

Some drawing..

Going under..

I taped my last trip in my VW, Golf 7. I am not sure why but I really love this car ! I now present you my video as a new clip for Timmy Trumpet & Dimatik – Punjabi! Unfortunately,